Distance Service Sales Agreement




Tax Office: HOCAPAŞA

Tax Number: 384 0327 530

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Address: Hocapaşa Mahallesi Nöbethane caddesi no:15 Sirkeci/Fatih/İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 520 21 93

Fax: +90 212 511 10 92

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.hotelmaywood.com




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This agreement is made between HOTEL MAYWOOD (referred to as "HOTEL MAYWOOD" in the agreement), located at Hocapaşa Mahallesi Nöbethane caddesi no:15 Sirkeci/Fatih/İstanbul and with the contact number +90 212 520 21 93, and the individual (referred to as "CONSUMER" in the agreement) who has registered on the website www.hotelmaywood.com and completed the online reservation process. The consumer's registered address, identification, and contact information will be used as the basis.

  1. The consumer who purchases accommodation through our website is obliged to pay the full amount of the service fee at the time of reservation. The reservation is not confirmed until the full payment is made.

  2. In the event of a price increase in the contract price, the difference between the additional amount and the discounts referred to as "action" by HOTEL MAYWOOD will not be demanded from the consumer, nor will the refunds of these discounts be made to the consumer.

  3. If the consumer is unable to attend the purchased accommodation service, they may transfer their reservation to a third party who will fulfill all the valid conditions of the contract by notifying HOTEL MAYWOOD at least 7 days before the start date of the accommodation. In this case, the transferor and the transferee of the contract are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the remaining amount and all additional expenses arising from the transfer to HOTEL MAYWOOD. If consumers do not have visas or are unable to obtain visas from the relevant institution until the start date of the accommodation, despite having applied, HOTEL MAYWOOD does not accept any responsibility and collects the full amount of the accommodation from the transferor and the transferee (jointly and severally). If the person receiving the service does not have the same status as the transferor, the transfer will not take place or the transfer process will be completed by removing the special discounts granted.

  4. HOTEL MAYWOOD may partially/fully modify or cancel the reservation before or during the service due to non-consumer-related reasons. The consumer can either accept these changes or accept an alternative service offered by HOTEL MAYWOOD. If the consumer does not accept the changes, they have the right to cancel their reservation and receive a full refund of the fee paid under the contract. HOTEL MAYWOOD, despite taking all necessary care, may cancel or postpone the reservation due to reasons such as strike, terrorism, possibility of war, unforeseeable technical issues, and all other force majeure events of this nature. If the consumer requests a cancellation up to 2 days before the check-in date, the cancellation will be free of charge; for reservations not canceled in a timely manner, a one-night room fee will be charged. The consumer acknowledges, accepts, and undertakes that in non-refundable reservations, the fee will not be canceled; in such cases, if the consumer requests a cancellation, it will not be valid, and the consumer will pay the full amount of the contract price to HOTEL MAYWOOD. If the consumer requests a change in the service, subject to HOTEL MAYWOOD's approval, if there is a price difference between the previous and the newly requested service, the consumer must immediately pay the difference to HOTEL MAYWOOD upon acceptance of the change request. However, if the price of the new service is lower than the previous service price, HOTEL MAYWOOD will refund the difference to the consumer. If the consumer or their immediate family members have a health condition that hinders their usual activities during the accommodation period, cancellation request will be accepted with an official report from a Fully Equipped State Hospital or proof of death, and the amount paid by the consumer will be refunded, excluding expenses arising from mandatory taxes, fees, and similar legal obligations that can be paid to and documented by third parties and non-refundable. In this case, the report and documents must be submitted before the start of the service. If the consumer fails to notify in writing that they will participate in the accommodation service they missed, HOTEL MAYWOOD has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the consumer 24 hours later. No refund will be made to the consumer in such cancellations.

  5. HOTEL MAYWOOD and the consumer will fulfill their obligations arising from this agreement properly.

  6. HOTEL MAYWOOD is responsible for delivering the Preliminary Information Form/Voucher/Mail containing the nature of the service, the sale price, payment method, and information regarding performance to the consumer as specified in Article 8 of this contract. HOTEL MAYWOOD is not responsible for situations caused by the consumer or personal responsibilities of third parties.

  7. Consumers who purchase services with a credit card must inform the bank to which the card belongs about early payment and installment reduction requests, and they must make the payment at the payment branches determined by the bank. If consumers cancel the service they purchased with a credit card on installment for any reason, HOTEL MAYWOOD will refund the amount charged to the consumer's credit card. The refund process is carried out according to the banks' business rules, and in the case of refunds for installment payments, the bank rules apply. If the refund for installment payments is made in installments to the card, HOTEL MAYWOOD has no obligation or intervention opportunity. HOTEL MAYWOOD accepts VISA, AMEX, and MASTERCARD credit cards for payment and reserves the right to temporarily withdraw a certain amount before arrival.

  8. HOTEL MAYWOOD can provide all information to the consumer in written form, either by hand or through a permanent data provider (email, text message, disk, CD/DVD, memory card, and any other means or medium). The consumer is obliged to inform HOTEL MAYWOOD of any failure to perform the contract properly or at all, within 30 days from the date the service should have been performed or was performed. Notifications made after this period will be deemed invalid. The consumer acknowledges and declares that they allow HOTEL MAYWOOD employees and/or websites to use the email, mobile phone, fax, and other information provided during the reservation process for promotional campaigns and newsletters. If the consumer declares that they do not wish to receive notifications and announcements through their own communication channels, HOTEL MAYWOOD undertakes to terminate electronic mail, SMS, fax, and postal communications.

  9. All disputes arising from this contract and all related matters shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the İSTANBUL Execution Offices and Courts of the Republic of Turkey, Consumer Arbitration Committees, and other authorized organizations specified by law. If any provision or provisions of this contract is or becomes invalid for any reason, the other provisions of the contract shall remain in effect and unaffected by such invalidity. This contract has been prepared in accordance with Law No. 6502 on the Protection of Consumers, and in matters not regulated in the contract, the provisions of Law No. 6502 and relevant regulations shall apply. By signing this contract or giving consent electronically, the consumer is deemed to have accepted and undertaken the provisions of the contract.